Vanguard Forever Podcast, Episode 01

MMOAxis is proud to present our very first podcast release, the all-new Vanguard Forever Podcast, hosted by Ardwulf and Quert. The direct download link is HERE, and the show will be available on iTunes shortly.

Show Notes

  • We introduce our famous guest host, Beau Hindman of Massively and Voyages of Vanguard fame.
  • We discuss player expectations and approach to the game. Does progression-focused play limit the game’s lifetime?
  • We also discuss the famous Naylie post and react to it.
  • Don’t forget to check out Vanguard Forever on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We discuss the prospects of free-to-play and its potential impact.
  • In a special epilogue Ardwulf talks about the breaking news regarding new development for Vanguard.
  • Lots of good concersation about Vanguard and why it’s awesome.
  • Vanguard on the iPad? Yes, it’s real.
  • Bumper music from Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
  • Runtime: 1:10:00

From the standpoint of the editor, the show was a blast to record despite a number of technical issues which cost us about half an hour of recording and a missing co-host at the very end, as well as a couple extra hours required during editing. We’ll continue to work to make our even better in future episodes. We’d like to offer our immense thanks to Beau Hindman for being an such amazing and incredibly helpful guest host. Feedback can be left in response to this thread or e-mailed to the hosts.