Crafting For Noobs

Finally got the video cut and posted on YouTube. Until we get the podcast done, you can enjoy some crafting goodness in glorious HD!

The article mentioned in the video can be found HERE.

3 responses to “Crafting For Noobs

  1. You mention an article on crafting in the first video that details how to specialize with your points, but I couldnt find the link. Could you please give it to me?

    • That video was meant to go with the second episode of the podcast, with the link posted in the show notes. After seeing how the video turned out it was decided that the video really didnt need much more discussion on the cast, so that segment will be a little light but the link should still make it in there. The editing for the show has taken a little longer than intended, so I will reply on here later once I have the link readily available. Plus I will be adding a page on the site for links such as this and in the future you will be able to find it there.

      I hope you enjoyed the video and found it helpful.

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