Vanguard’s Roadmap to New Content

It has been some time since the news that Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will be getting some love in the form of two content updates by the close of this years Fiscal Year for SOE. The long silence has caused spouts of worrying to pop up (like weeds in your garden) on the forums. Cries for status updates are starting to turn into conspiracies that it was all just a hoax or some experiment to see if/how many people they could get to open up subscriptions with news of renewed updates.

Naylie has posted several times that the roadmap is still being worked on and that it has taken longer than they liked cause of changes being made to what was on the list. That settled things down for a while, but as the silence stretched on more naysayers have started becoming vocal. One thread even saw some heavy post deletions for Trolling.

What I wanted to relate to you all is Naylie’s latest post updating the roadmap project, specifically:

Naylie wrote:

Unfortunately the plan is still be re-worked. They sort of had a plan and then a change was made to it so now they have to re-figure out what is happening. Yes they are working on things and yes it is going slower than they anticipated. We really hope to have the plan settled. Once it is settled the Developers have agreed to be on a podcast to talk about it.

The last sentence left me in such a giddy titter I had to look around to make sure none had heard my unmanly girlish squeal. Ok, maybe I wasn’t affected that bad but it did get me excited and a little nervous as well. I am fairly new to Podcasting and am not sure how great my interview skills are. I do far better with writing than I do with speech. I only know of one podcast out there currently that is talking about Vanguard, and I did ask Naylie about such a possibility of getting the Dev’s to come on our show. Vanguard Forever wasn’t specifically named so I won’t guarantee that it was us that the comment was aimed at and I won’t be upset if it turns out to be someone else. I fully support any and all who work to expand and better the Vanguard community and I will be happy to sit in the general audience if another cast gets the interview.

Head on over to the following link to read the complete thread and stay up to date on further developments.


6 responses to “Vanguard’s Roadmap to New Content

  1. Seems like today is the day for epic posts. Here is an update:

    Naylie wrote:

    We will be posting a rather large announcement later today. It may not cover all of the development plans you want to know about, but you may want to keep an eye out for it.

  2. I like the removal of corpse recovery. At the end of the day, death penalty doesn’t make the game harder, and is just an annoying waste of time when you have an hour to play and spend 45 minutes getting your corpse back from a tough spot.

    Anyway, it would be awesome if you could get the devs on the podcast! 😀 Good luck.

    • It is not the removal of death penalty that has everyone upset, it is the possibility of the tombstone mechanic being taken away. That will fundamentally break the way rezzing from death in dungeons and raids that nobody will want to do that content.

      That is why I asked for specific clarification on what was meant by that. Who wants to spend a couple of hours getting down into a dungeon only to have a bad pull, causing group death and leaving the only option to have to reclear all that area again?

      Right now if that happens someone with stealth might be able to sneak in and drag everyone’s tombstones to a safe area away from aggroing the same mobs and allow the healer to be rezzed / summoned in and rezz the group. If the group is forced to lay were they fall and wait on a healer to get to them, drawing aggro from the rezz could cause far more death and annoyance than the old corpse retrieval system ever caused regardless if an xp hit is incurred or not. As it stands the xp hit is so minor most dont even pay attention, a couple of kills and you gain the xp back.

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