Music, Death and First Group

After pulling some new bags out of the mailbox Mengku ventured forth into the Blighted Lands east of Jalen’s Crossing. There lay the Wailing Winds Asylum, which is more a tranquil cliffside retreat in keeping with Kojan than the depraved nuthouse you’d expect. I though this was kind of cool, but while there are some constructs keeping the inmates within, there’s still crazy people running around, and once inside roving mobs make dangerous adds common. Hilariously, almost instantly upon reaching level 11 I died and left a tombstone and all my stuff in a slightly inconvenient place. Bard’s aren’t all that tough and are far from their best when solo, so I was glad to group with a Warrior of similar level, and together we completed the short chain there, including taking down the mini-boss at the end.

Small as it was, this was my first group on Mengku. Vanguard really sings in group play. Not just because there is a lot of great group content (which there is) or because the best rewards are gotten through group play (also true) but because the classes and the combat system have a synchronicity to them that makes characters be more effective in a group than they are alone, even aside from the extra firepower. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and when the group is highly proficient the effect is even more pronounced. When you’re dealing with five and six dot mobs like the raid bosses or overland raid targets, it needs to be.

I also rented a flying mount to scout out the local area, particularly the Arks of Harmony floating high above Jalen’s Crossing, and snap some screenshots. It’s sometimes said that Vanguard’s graphics are dated, which is true in some technical respects, but as far as I’m concerned the game still looks fantastic, and even great screenshots don’t do it justice. Only when you get in-game and see the waving of the grass and trees with the wind does it have its full impact.

One of the other great things about Vanguard is its fantastic soundtrack. I have yet to hear another MMO soundtrack that’s as effective, although several games (WoW, Guild Wars and AoC) have individual pieces on par with it. To me it adds tremendously to the atmosphere and sense of place. It’s one of the reasons I can hop into Vanguard just to hang out.

Since I have the whole soundtrack, one of my back-burner projects is to do some sightseeing in each area that has its own theme and make videos along the way featuring the music. Kind of a project which will hopefully happen at some point. Meanwhile,I have a couple other things in mind ramping up to the f2p launch.

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