A New Video From Vanguard Forever

Here is a Vanguard Forever original production. I think it’s pretty good. Not just because it’s viewable in glorious 1080p, or because it shows off the beauty and grandeur of Telon and the magnificent Todd Masten soundtrack. And not just because I made it.

I am not a video-making geek. When I finished it I thought it was about as good as I could make it, but I’m already seeing opportunities for improvement next time. And oh yes, there will be a next time.

2 responses to “A New Video From Vanguard Forever

  1. Excellent job! I have been thinking of making more videos myself. Once I work out a way for me to work out UI Free combat I want to showcase some of the characters fight animations.

    Do to running out of bandwith for the month, I missed two great opportunities to Stream some Vanguard group sessions taking on Riftseekers and Khelgors End dungeons. I do have a Fishing Video that should be posted soon though.

    Again, great job on the video and I look forward to seeing more.

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