Vanguard Game Update Notes, 18 Apr 2012


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from turning in the quest Qalian Amateur Education normally
  • Removed Erroneous Travel Journal Locations for the quest “Word on the Street”
  • Fixed an issue with the Artificer quest “Seeking the Trainer” not having an accurate description of Ralem Seaforge’s location


  • The No Display Version of the Cleric and Ranger Epics will now correctly count for their set bonus’s
  • Fixed an issue with Earth-Imbued Skin Belt having extra stats
  • Fixed an issue where the Griffin Watch Healer’s gear would not correctly give the buff “Healer’s Embrace”
  • The levels of the items from Sparkles and Arachnidon Sunshine are now level 59 to correctly reflect the difficulty of these encounters. In addition the Meteoric Blade of Cleaving from Karax is now level 59 to match the rest of his drops
  • Fixed an issue with the Dread Knight Epic weapon causing them to be unable to use a mount after reaching DC6
  • Fixed an issue with the Dread Knight Epic Weapon having extra stats
  • Removed the ability Smash Em from Heavy Gauntlets


  • Fixed an Issue with the Warrior Epic ability proc “Absolute Destruction” not doing damage correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the Warrior Pantheon armor ability “Sonic Attacks” not doing damage correctly
  • Fixed an issue with Arctic Lance not dealing damage correctly


  • Fixed an issue where Graystone Knights would not attack correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Torlaxis and the Hound of Rahz would never disappear is summoned and not killed

Vanguard Game Update 4/4/12

This week (yesterday, actually) brings another game update of minor bug fixes to Vanguard. These are small but now coming almost every week, portending good things to come. Here are the actual update notes:


  • The Quest “The Higher They Climb” is now marked group
  • Travel journal entries for Betsy Gallows now correctly point to Betsy Gallows instead of Miranda Gallows
  • Removed erroneous travel journal entries from the quest “Apprentice Specialty Training (Silver Sigil)
  • Fixed an issue where the quest “Reporting for Duty was impossible to accept if it had been abandoned


  • Fixed minor cosmetic issues with some food items
  • Fixed the item Fist of the Dark Muse to properly do crushing damage
  • Changed the look and animation of the “Wind Blade of Magic” to accurately reflect the sword being a martial sword
  • Fixed the Rune of the Arcanist to correctly have stats
  • Replicate Knuckles and Divine Claws damage proc now functions properly
  • Rushnok Armor Pieces are marked as Quest