SOE Live Oct. 18 – 21- 2012

News dropped yesterday that SOE’s annual Convention has opened up for registrations. Once again it will be held in Las Vegas at the Bally Casino. To better reflect ALL of SOE’s titles the con has changed names from Fan Faire to SOE Live …… hmm, yeah I know gives you the shrug and scratch your head whatever feeling doesn’t it.

I am all for them giving more attention to all of their games at Fan … erm Live, but I think they could have kept the old name as it is quite Iconic and adequtely describes the focus; a place for the Fans to gather and socialize with others who enjoy the same games. I just hope that this time around Vanguard gets more than a lack-luster attempt at recognition. With SWG gone perhaps this will be the case. Considering Vanguards move to Free 2 Play somewhere around that time period, that in itself should warrent some time in the spotlight.

Reading the forums associated with the announcement, it seems that you may want to wait a day or so before rushing to get your hotel booked (but I wouldn’t wait too long) as some who have already flooded the links have stated the hotels reservations for the days of the con seem to be absent from the availability list. I am sure it is just the Hotel not having the special code for the con setup yet for I can not see that many people having already swarmed in and booked up the whole cons slots.

I had planned to attend PAX East this year, but some issues have come up that might make that impossible even though I am holding my passes in my hand. Sniffles…. If that trip does fall through, then I have a nice head start already on savings for a road trip to Vegas. Lets face it, the opportunity to meet the team on Vanguard, party, and get material for some possible VF Podcasts, oh and did I mention Party? If I do get to attend Fan …. uhm, SOE Live I hope Ardwulf gets to come as well.

It would be great to hang out, hmm perhaps even some live recordings for VF Podcasts? Live Interviews? For sure we will have to get Brasse to pose for some pics with us, preferably of her beating us over the head with her Ale Stein.

How many of you are old Fan Faire Vets, or newbies like me looking to attend for the first time? Post below your comments and stories of past events. Dont worry, like Vegas – What happens on Vanguard Forever, stays on Vanguard Forever ….. really …. you can trust me!

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